Nail Art

  • Circular Gradient Nail Art with Manicurator

    Posted: Apr 23 2015 by Alexandria Brady

    Nail art by Manicurator

    "Here's a circular gradient which I think looks totally cool! I used Perf, 95% Angel and Wet (from center outward) to create the circular gradient by painting the concentric circles right onto the makeup sponge and dabbing onto nail. I needed quite a few applications to get it looking how I wanted. I think this looks so pretty!"

  • Watermarble Nail Art by Color Forever with UNT

    Posted: Mar 18 2015 by Alexandria Brady

    Nail art by Color Forever

    These amazing nails started off with UNT Jealousy, a pale mint blue creme. Then she created the watermarble design with UNT Frog Prince, Cali Dreams, and another splash of Jealousy. 

    Try out different color combinations, watermarbles turn out different every time so you'll never run out of designs! The UNT creme polishes are great for watermarbling, sometimes it's hard to find polishes that work with this technique.

  • Tuxedo Nail Art with Nerdy & Fleurty

    Posted: Mar 12 2015 by Alexandria Brady

    Nail art by Nerdy & Fleurty

    Dressing up for a night on the town? Or just feel like dressing your nails up? This easy to follow nail design is the perfect thing! Follow along with the steps above, for the black polish you can use UNT One Night Stand, and Floss Gloss Mrs. Tony Montana is a great white creme!

  • Golden Chevron Nail Art with Cocosnailss

    Posted: Mar 10 2015 by Alexandria Brady

    Nail art by Cocosnailss

    The star of these glittery chevrons is Color Club All About Razz from the Poptastic Collection, it's a bright in your face fuchsia pink creme. Try China Glaze White On White and Color Club Gold Glitter to round out this nail art look. Just follow along in the four easy steps above to create these lovely chevrons!

  • Saran Wrap Nail Art with Color Forever

    Posted: Mar 05 2015 by Alexandria Brady

    Nail art by Color Forever

    This is a ridiculously easy technique that results in beautiful nail art! Start off with a coat of any polish you like, these nails started with UNT On The Horizon. After the first coat has dried completely, take your second polish and paint a coat on top of the previous one. Color Forever used UNT Key To Success as her second color.

    Then while the second coat is still wet, take a balled up piece of saran wrap and lightly dab the nail, this will pick up some of the wet polish revealing the layer underneath, and will create a unique speckled look! After you've gotten the nail the way you want it, finish off with your favorite topcoat.


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