Blueberry Gradient Nail Art

by Alexandria Brady
November 03, 2014

 Hello Lovelies!


Today's nail art look was created by Anna Gorelova! To start off this yummy fruity design, paint your nails a dark navy blue, you can use pretty much any type of polish for this, but cremes will work best for the sponging part of this nail design.

Here are some blueberry-esque polishes:

  • LVX Sappir: Sappir is a deep purple with blue and silver undertones that looks just like squished blueberries!
  • Tenoverten Commerce: Commerce is dark navy blue and very creamy.
  • NCLA Dead-End Gorgeous: Dead-End Gorgeous is just as gorgeous as it sounds, it's dark blue with shimmery purple all throughout it!
  • For the next step you'll need a light blue and white-ish polish, here are some great ones:
  • China Glaze Sea Spray: Sea Spray is a light gray with blue undertones, and a fantastic creme to boot!
  • LVX Oyster: Oyster is about the same as Sea Spray, but leans more towards a dusty blue.
  • Model's Own Blueberry Muffin:  Blueberry Muffin is a scented polish, and it's a pretty pastel lavender creme.

And then for the last polish, this is a great white polish to finish off the look:

All you need to do is take your three polishes and make stripes with each one on your makeup sponge, have them right next to each other so the colors can mingle. Then lightly sponge onto your nail, gently pushing back and forth just a tiny bit to blend the gradient together. You can re-load your sponge in-between nails to keep the colors vibrant! Finish with a topcoat, and you're done!


By Anna Gorelova

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