Chevron Gradient Nail Art with Color Forever

by Alexandria Brady
November 06, 2014

Hello Lovelies!

Today's nail art design was created by ania from Color Forever! To start off this design paint all of your nails with a white polish, ania used LVX's Porcelaine, Porcelaine is a creamy off white polish that looks just like fine china!

After your white base is completely dry, take two pieces of tape and lay them in an X on your nail, creating a bare upside down triangle pointing down along the center of your nail. Make sure to press the tape down firmly so you'll have clean crisp lines when you take it off.

Here are the three polishes she used for the gradient:

Color Club East Austin: East Austin is a stunning pastel orange that has orange and almost pink undertones.

Color Club Disco Dress: Disco Dress is a knock em' dead neon dark purple that'll make any design pop!

Color Club Flamingo: Flamingo is bright, creamy, and as pink as you can get!

Take your three polishes and make three stripes right next to each other on a makeup sponge. Then lightly dab the sponge on that triangle shape you created with the tape, and make sure to not get any polish on the bottom half of your nail. Peel off the tape while the polish is still wet, seal it in with your favorite top coat, and you've got one amazing nail design!

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