Happy Halloween! Gradient matte nail art with Treviginti

by Alexandria Brady
October 31, 2014

Hello Lovelies!

We have some wonderfully creepy nail art from Treviginti today! Halloween is one of our favorite days here at Live Love Polish, and these nails are perfect for almost any costume you could think of! You can use any two colors for this gradient, but we love this dark red to black fade!

Here are some red polishes that would make a great start to this design:

China Glaze Ruby Pumps: Ruby Pumps is a crimson red with a fantastic shimmery finish.
LVX Sanguine: Sanguine is a deep oxblood red with a delicious creamy formula.
Model's Own Heart Red: Heart Red is a bright vampy red from the Diamond Luxe collection, and to top it off, it has real diamond dust sprinkled in!

After you've painted your nails in red, take a makeup sponge and make two stripes of polish right next to each other, a black and a red one. Here are some blacks you can use:

RGB Black: Black is your basic tar black polish with a perfect creme finish. 
UNT One Night Stand: One Night Stand is a smoky black that leans towards a dark gray and it has a creamy finish.

For the finishing touch, top off your gradient with a matte topcoat, China Glaze Matte Magic is an awesome one!

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  • Can you give a little more detail on the stripe portion of this please? Do you put the stripes on the sponge then smear the stripes of color out on the nail to make them blend like that? Does the first red coat need to dry first?

    Dawn on

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