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Nail Art

Gold & Black Tape Mani with Petite Peinture

Posted: Dec 06 2014 by Alexandria Brady

Hello Lovelies!

We have an elegant gold and black tape nail art tutorial for you today that was created by the talented Daisy from Petite Peinture! Read on to find out how to create this gorgeous nail look!

"Step One: First, cover your nails with LVX Alchemy. Then cover your base with Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat. Let it dry for 12-15 minutes. It is very important that you let your base dry completely before applying tape. Otherwise, the tape will wrinkle what you’ve already painted.

Step Two: Apply NailVinyls Straights a little bit away from the tip of your nails on all fingers except your ring finger. You’re welcome to using striping tape but I’ve found that NailVinyls works the best for me since it creates some of the cleanest tape manis.

 Step Three: Next paint a layer of China Glaze Liquid Leather over your taped nails. Quickly apply a layer of China Glaze Matte Magic from the base of your nail-bed to the edge of the tape, leaving only the tips shiny.

Step Four: Remove the striping tape carefully and swiftly within a few seconds of applying China Glaze Matte MagicNow using three slightly thinner pieces of striping tape, place one piece roughly around the same location as the other fingers. Place the last two pieces close together but slightly further from the first piece.

Step Five: Apply a layer of China Glaze Liquid Leather. You’re welcome to apply China Glaze Matte Magic on whichever sections of this nail you’d like.

Step Six: Remove the striping tape carefully and swiftly within a few seconds of applying China Glaze Matte Magic. Allow your nail art to 10-15 minutes to dry before applying Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat so that the polishes don’t smear.

And voila! :-) I hope you enjoyed this tutorial."


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