Candy Cane Nail Art with Petite Peinture

by Alexandria Brady
December 08, 2014

Nail art by Rathy from Petite Peinture

Step One: Paint a base layer of white. Here I’m using Color Club French Tip, which is a nice opaque white that goes on with just two coats. Make sure to apply a top coat over your base before your next layer.

Step Two: For this nail art we’ll need some nail vinyls or striping tape. Place your nail vinyls like so. Creating a pattern using thick and thin stripes to mimic a candy cane design.

Step Three: Use a red polish like Color Club Reddy or Not (which is a superb bright red) and paint over your nail vinyls.

Step Four: I ended up leaving on the nail polish till it dried a little but not completely. With a tweezer I slowly pulled away at my nail vinyls so that it comes off without stripping the polish.

Step Five: Repeat this for all of your nails. Clean up any messes around the edges with a brush and some polish remover. Then apply a fast top coat like Seche Vite.

NAIL ART TIP: Instead of painting the top coat the usual way, I painted my top coat in the direction of the diagonal stripes to avoid streaking the red polish onto the white. This will minimize any colors from picking up and going where they’re not supposed to!

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