Pastel Snowflake Nail Art with Wondrously Polished

by Alexandria Brady
December 17, 2014

Nail art by Wondrously Polished

"While these are very much pastels, I love pastels in winter! I think light and bright shades like this are lovely so I decided to do some snowflake nail art with these shades! Unfortunately, there wasn't as much contrast between the shades as I was hoping, but nonetheless, I still like this :) Overall, I think it's safe to say that I love these shades! Maybe it's because it's winter time and I'm craving the light colors, but these are just so lovely. They all applied really nicely and the scent of each polish was not overwhelming, but instead a mild and pleasant experience while applying the polish."

Polishes used:

White: Models Own Coconut Cream
Orange: Models Own Peach Melba
Mint: Models Own Apple Pie
Lavender: Models Own Grape Juice

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