Santa Claus Nail Art Tutorial

by Alexandria Brady
December 21, 2014

Nail art by Petite Peinture

Step one: To begin, paint your nails with a base of China Glaze Snow and on your accent nail a base of Color Club Natures Way.

Step two and three: Now, we will begin painting santa’s face on our accent nail. Take a dotting tool and gently dot China Glaze Snow across the middle of your accent nail like so.

Step four: Next, take a small thin brush dipped with China Glaze Snow and draw a vertical line in the bottom half of your nail, about a few millimeters from the edge of your fingernail. Repeat on the other side. 

Step five: Then connect the two lines with a horizontal one. This is to set up a guide for where you fill in the rest of his beard.

Step six: Fill in the rest of his beard, leaving a rectangle of the original base untouched.

Step seven: Next, take your small thin brush and dip it in a little Color Club Ruby Slippers. Paint an arc from the top of the line of dots you created and to the edge of your nail bed. Paint a smaller arc that connects the top of the previous arc to the other end of the dots you painted. This creates the outline for santa’s hat.

Step eight: Fill it in with Color Club Ruby Slippers.

Step nine: Take your dotting tool and dot the tip of the hat with China Glaze Snow.

Step ten: Now.. onto his face! Take China Glaze Liquid Leather and create two small dots in the nude rectangle leftover from earlier.

Step eleven: With the same dotting tool, dot China Glaze Life is Rosy slightly below and in between the eyes for his nose. Take an even smaller dotting tool and dot China Glaze Snow over the black dots you created earlier. This adds a slight glint to his eyes.

Step twelve: Now onto the rest of your fingernails. :-) Paint Color Club Ruby Slippers on the top part of your nails leaving only a quarter of the white on the tips. Layering the Color Club Ruby Slippers over the white helps make this polish color pop.

Step thirteen: Next, take a small thin brush dipped in China Glaze Liquid Leather, and paint a thin line between the White and Red divide.

Step fourteen: Using LVX Alchemy, draw little rectangles in the center of your nails, intersecting all three layers to create the buckle. Allow 15 minutes to dry, then finish with your favorite top coat.

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