Festive Snowflakes Tutorial with Coco's Nails

by Alexandria Brady
December 25, 2014

Nails by Coco's Nails

Hello Lovelies and Merry Christmas!

Today we have a festive tutorial from Coco's Nails showing us how to create glittery snowflake nail art! To start off this look, create a gradient with Model's Own Nude Beige, and Color Club Poetic Hues. Start by painting your entire nail with Poetic Hues, and then with a sponge lightly dab Nude Beige on the tip of your nail to create the gradient.

Using Floss Gloss Stun, (a super sparkly gold glitter), paint a thin cross on your nail. Then add branches between each line making sure to leave some room between them. At the end of each branch of the snowflake, add tiny little branches so that each end has three points. Top it off with your favorite topcoat and you're done!

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