Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection Nail Polish Swatches

by Alexandria Brady
November 07, 2014

We love these swatches of Models Own's Scented Fruit Pastel collection by Paulina's Passions!

First row (L-R): Grape Juice, Blueberry Muffin, Apple Pie

Second row (L-R):  Banana Split, Peach Melba, Strawberry Tart

The Models Own Fruit Pastel collection features:

Grape Juice: "a stunning pastel purple and like the name suggest is smells like grapes. I really love this shade, as I am a little obsessed with purple polishes. The formula was good and easy to work with. I applied three coats plus top coat for the shine."

Blueberry Muffin: "a beautiful baby blue. I am really loving this dreamy shade, I applied three coats plus top coat. The smell is nice, but also very subtle."

Apple Pie: "a very light mint green that smells like apples! I was so excited to try this polish, because I am really loving the color. The scent is amazing, probably one of the strongest from the entire collection and I could smell the apples when I was waving my hand near my face."

Banana Split: "This is a gorgeous pastel yellow that reminds me of a lemon cream. Also, very strong banana smell, which I loved! The formula was quite good. I am always dreading those light yellow shades, as they tend to be hard to apply. This one was pretty good and I applied three coats for a full opacity."

Peach Melba: "a stunning, light peachy pastel. The scent in this one is barely there… It’s a lovely pastel orange and if you are in a search of a true peach color, this is it."

And finally, Strawberry Tart! "a gorgeous pastel pink. I love light pink polishes, so I was really excited when I saw this baby in the bottle!"

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