A Thanksgiving Feast

by Alexandria Brady
November 26, 2014

Hello Lovelies!

We hope you're all gearing up for a great Thanksgiving, but here at Live Love Polish we have a different kind of feast for you, a decadent spread of polishes inspired by some of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes!
To kick off our selection of yummy polishes, we'll start with the star of most Thanksgiving dinners: The Turkey!

Tenoverten Mulberry is the perfect dark turkery brown (because we all know the dark meat is the best part!), Mulberry is a deliciously smooth creme.
And for the cranberry sauce and gravy to top off our turkey, we have Tenoverten Orcharda deep cranberry red creme & UNT Creme Caramel which is a silky smooth gravy brown.

For the side dishes we have China Glaze Happy Go Lucky, a beautiful and bright buttery corn yellow, RGB Vert a smooth dark green for the green beans, RGB Buff the perfect off white mashed potato shade, and China Glaze If In Doubt Surt It Out, a striking sweet potato orange, don't forget the marshmallows! (No mom, it doesn't count as desert!)

And last but not least, for the desert, pumpkin pie! Model's Own Beach Party is a popping pumpkin orange creme that's perfect for finishing off our unorthodox feast! We hope we've tempted your taste buds so to speak, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

PS: We're having a big Black Friday sale as well, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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