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Pretty And Polished Ninjas Hate Crunchy Leaves Nail Polish Swatch

Posted: Nov 28 2014 by Alexandria Brady

Swatched by Alena from The Polishing Life

"We're in full-blown winter mode right now in Kyiv and I'm very sad about this, so I needed a reminder that fall, my favourite season, technically still isn't over. So today's Topper Thursday is dedicated to the most autumn-like topper of all - Pretty & Polished Ninjas Hate Crunchy Leaves."

"Pretty & Polished Ninjas Hate Crunchy Leaves is all matte glitter in autumn leaves-inspired colours - yellow, orange and red. The glitter is quite densely packed and loads up on the brush nicely, so you can easily achieve any coverage you want - from very dense to light and sparse. The base has a nice consistency, doesn't get in the way of spreading the glitter and isn't the thick-gloopy-air bubbly kind. Overall, I really liked this polish - it's bright and interesting, and I haven't owned a true autumn glitter like this one before. So what do you think of this polish? Is it full-on winter already where you live or are you still enjoying fall?"

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