Pretty & Polished Solar Opposites Nail Polish Swatch

by Alexandria Brady
December 09, 2014

Swatched by Alena from The Polishing Life

"Here's Pretty & Polished Solar Opposites - a greenish-off-white jelly base with neon green and blue glitters. Of course, the most fun thing about this polish is that it can change colour - out in the sun, or, rather, when subjected to UV rays. A couple minutes outside on my balcony on an overcast day were enough to get the blue colour you're seeing in the two previous photos. It will probably get even darker in bright sunshine, but I'm afraid we're not getting that in Kiev anytime soon!"

Pretty & Polished Solar Opposites is a UV polish which means it changes color in direct sunlight! Indoors it's an off white shade, and in sunlight it's a minty sky blue! The first image is indoors, and the second is outside.

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