Pretty & Polished Caramel Apple Pie Nail Polish Swatch

by Alexandria Brady
December 13, 2014

Swatched by Alena from The Polishing Life

"It's safe to say that Pretty & Polished are quite well-known for their thermal polishes, but this is my first time trying one without glitter! =))  In its "warm" state Pretty & Polished Caramel Apple Pie is a nude-beige jelly with golden flecks. It goes on pretty smooth, but is quite sheer, so I'm showing three coats here (and a coat of topcoat to really bring out the shimmer).The polish changes colour to a pinkish red when exposed to cold. I found it to be more heat-sensitive than cold-sensitive, for even after a couple of minutes outside only the tips of my nails went red. When back in the warmth of my room, the polish turned back to beige almost immediately."

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