UNT Hot Air Balloon Ride Nail Polish Swatch

by Alexandria Brady
December 23, 2014

Nail art by The Polishing Life

"Today I decided to recreate the glitter placement design I've seen popping up everywhere recently - and the glitters for it were fished out of UNT Hot Air Balloon Ride, a fun glitter topper thT I will be reviewing for you in this post =)  UNT Hot Air Balloon Ride has a clear base, which contains two shades of iridescent glitter, matte blue stars and holographic diamonds and half-moons. The base is quite thick, so no fishing is required and one coat of topcoat is enough to smooth everything out. I'm wearing one thick coat of the UNT over A-england Queen Of Scots. So what do you think of this mani? I think that UNT Hot Air Balloon Ride looks very Christmas-appropriate over dark blue undies =)) 

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