Interview with LVX Founder, Branka Tomic

by Alexandria Brady
December 17, 2014

Live Love Polish is excited to be interviewing the co-founder of the luxury nail polish brand LVX, Branka Tomic! When Branka created LVX she opened up a whole new sense of nail polish, colors that are fused with current runway trends and that help women's personal style to really shine!

LLP: What do you think makes LVX unique?

Branka: The process in which we choose the colors for our seasonal collections is what sets us apart and makes the brand truly unique. We do this by drawing inspiration from runway trends, meticulously choosing the top colors and then we create custom color palettes based on those trends. In addition, our formula is second to none; It is incredibly pigmented, has a high gloss finish and is extremely long lasting. Most of our lacquers require only one coat to reach full opacity!

LLP: What fashion designers do you find yourself drawing the most inspiration from?

Branka: I would love to draw inspiration from one designer. It would make selecting our colors so much easier. Since we base our top trending colors from every runway across the spectrum we have to look at a lot designers. I find that the American designers nail the trends while at other times, it is the Italians or a variety of international designers who truly evoke the season’s top colors through their collections.


LLP: Why did you decide to launch LVX? Was there anything you felt was missing in the world of nail polish?

Branka: I believe that nail polish goes beyond cosmetics, it is a fashion accessory. With a background in fashion, I found it crucial to bridge the two industries together. We set out to create a deeply devoted nail polish brand that would bring customers the feeling of exquisite luxury while evoking personal style.

LLP: What were some of the problems you faced when you were first getting started?

Branka: Some personal challenges I faced as we prepared to launch the brand was creating and building an extremely encouraging support system. It was so important me to surround myself with positive and inspiring people I could learn and draw inspiration from when launching this new concept. Lucky for me I still have the same encouraging support system today.

LLP: What are some of your thoughts on nail art?

Branka: Nail art is an amazing way for an individual to express their individuality. I enjoy seeing all of the unique designs especially the intricate ones. And for those creating nail art on their own, it is a great outlet to illustrate personal talent.

LLP: What do the letters LVX stand for, and what inspired you to name the brand so?

Branka: LVX directly translates to ‘Lux’ which means light in Latin, and light is the essence of all color. I wanted to give the brand a name that had a deeper meaning, a connection to our passion and knowledge for color.

LLP: If you were forced to pick, which one of LVX's colors is your favorite and why?

Branka: Cameo from our Spring 2014 Collection. It is a vibrant deep fuchsia that is both feminine and ultra chic. I love it because the appearance of the color varies dramatically depending on lighting and skin tone.

LLP: Would you give us a sneak peek of some of the colors you will be releasing next?

Branka: I am unable to provide a sneak peek of the next collection, however, I can give you a hint that we’re working on a full LVX manicure system that will be launching in early 2015.

Thank you so much to Branka for helping this interview come to life! And to our readers, make sure to check out all the LVX polishes here on Live Love Polish!

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